In our culture, helping has always been spending money to buy goods and give them as gifts to others, but these days, due to the prevailing economic conditions and the declining financial capacity of citizens, cash and commodity donations have decreased and few people can afford to help others. Has. Among them are people who, although they do not have the financial means, but can, according to their expertise and abilities, fulfill their social responsibility towards the needy and, with their expertise, heal the wounds of the needy in society. Many sociologists believe that the officials of the countries have been indifferent to the use of social capital and have been unaware of it, but we in the specialized charity of Imam Hussein (as) Housing are trying to increase this potential in advancing our goals. Let's revitalize the society so that the sweetness of good deeds will be more in the city of turquoise domes than before, even without paying money. Accordingly, considering the performance of this charity in the field of housing, cultural and educational affairs, we invite you, the experts and servants of Imam Hussein (AS), to accompany us in helping the needy with whatever expertise and ability you have.


. Your communication skills can help support a number of homeless families 

Graphics and advertising

Sometimes a plan can be magical to heal a wound and be a point of hope at the height of frustration.


Your photography, sound, photography and editing are a good help to build kindness.

Social Networks

Cyberspace is the most important global communication tool today that gives a better view of charity.

piggy bank

Introducing, distributing and collecting the help of benefactors in the form of kind piggy banks will be more beautiful with you.


We need your expertise in building engineering and design and building assistance to build kindness.


Your help is for archiving information of clients, volunteers, charities and helping with administrative affairs for charitable clients.


You can help a lot to attract charities in order to better serve the clients.

Programs and occasions

Your cooperation in holding charity meetings and celebrations can be a great help to charity.