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مهربانی آنلاین

مهربانی آنلاین


First case:
Safar Ali is a man with white hair in Isfahan. He lost his four fingers as a child as a result of an explosion and spent all his life and even in difficult conditions to support himself. He spent many years at home. He was his father and after the death of his father and the division of the inheritance, he was left with a small share that he could not provide even a small part of the housing expenses for his family.
The amount of 20,000,000 Tomans is needed.

How to send kindness through:

◇ Card number 6104337743260711 in the name of Imam Hussein (as) Charity

◇ Command Code # 1361 * 6655 *

Sixteenth weekly session of virtual Wednesday file

Second case:
The mother of today's story is the charity of Imam Hussein (as). Who is the guest of her son's house, but the bride's meaningful looks at the mother-in-law and the brother-in-law of the disabled husband have made them homeless.
How to send kindness through:

◇ Card number 6104337743260711 in the name of Imam Hussein (as) Charity

◇ Command Code # 1361 * 6655 *

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Kind calendar

The good deeds have had a considerable impact on the benefactors' lives, and we want to share some of them with you.

Kindness Campaign

Launching a campaign to help all those in need is one of Imam Hosein's particular charitable acts to increase citizens' contributions


Building cheap housing is the principal goal of Imam Hosein Charity Institute; accordingly, it has completed 13 projects

How long has Imam Hosein Charity Institute been founded

Imam Hosein Charity Institute was founded and registered with the idea of Mr. Mohammad Amini in 1982. The businessmen in Isfahan have been the biggest supporters of this institute and have been able to keep it alive for about four decades.
The main goal of the founders was to help the needy in all fields. But, five years after founding the institute, the officials took steps to specialize it

Why does our charity institute act in the field of housing

After five years of activity in offering housing services, our donors concluded that a safe shelter is the most considerable demand of families, leading to a good life for the needy. Therefore, the donors changed their approach. They decided to solve the housing problem of the needy. And so far, they have succeeded in helping more than 13,000 families in the city of Isfahan.
Assistance in purchasing, helping to deposit housing, and building cheap housing are some of the activities of Imam Hosein Charity Institute

The perspective of Imam Hussein Charity Institute

developing project in other cities of the province (to prevent migration and reduce marginalization in Isfahan), developing social networks and smartening charitable acts (to facilitate access to clients and donors), building cheap housing for all homeless groups, and attending large gatherings and exhibitions are among the main plans of next five-year

The target community of Imam Hussein Charity Institute

The founders of Imam Hussein Charity Institute (specializing in housing) believe that all homeless people can be its target community. In the meantime, women-headed households, native people of Isfahan, families with disabled and sick household heads, and families with particular circumstances are more important


Sixty nights of home prayer

The month of Muharram, peace be upon him ... The voice of Hussein's caravan can be heard and shout around Baba Ali Al-Hussein around our hearts.

With your participation and support, last year, the amount of 800 million Tomans was collected to solve the housing problem of 60 women heads of households.

This year, let us mourn Muharram and Safar in a different way, and now that Corona disease has prevented us from setting up a Muharram tent, let us spend the cost of feeding and holding our mourning ceremonies on solving the housing problem of the needy who have their eyes on your kindness.

Participate in this scan through: Command code: # 1361 * 6655 * Card number: 5041721075434200